Collaborators working on this project.

Corey Lawrence


Corey brings expertise in erosion, geochemistry, soil and water chemistry, and ecosystems to the group.

Susan E. Crow


Susan explores all aspects of soil organic matter and carbon - from mechanisms to modeling and organo-mineral interactions to policy implementation.

Kate Heckman


Kate is a soil biogeochemist for the USDA Forest Service. Her work includes the application of radiocarbon to earth systems science questions, the evaluation of land management and disturbance on soil C stability and quality, as well as organo-mineral interactions.

Marco Keiluweit


Marco brings inspring insights to the team. His foci are identifying molecular-level mechanisms controlling organic matter cycling, quantifying the importance of mechanisms to fluxes in microenvironments, and examining climate change impacts on pathways and rates.

Joseph Blankinship


Joey thinks about triangles

Joshua P Schimel


Josh brings senior expertise in soil C and N cycling, connecting processes and models, and dryland and Arctic ecosystems to the team and keeps them focused. His interest is in rejuvenating conceptual models for soil carbon cycling to engage organisms, minerals, and the complex structure of soil.

Christina Schädel


Christina brings expertise in synthesis science, meta-analysis, incubation studies, and soil carbon dynamics to the team. She is a biogeochemist and plant ecophysiologist and coordinates the Permafrost Carbon Network, a data-synthesis based research program on the vulnerability of permafrost carbon to climate change.

Erika Marin-Spiotta


Erika brings expertise in landscape disturbance effects, ancient soil reservoirs, and tropical carbon cycling to the team. She uses isotopes and spectroscopic methods to track sources and measure turnover in her research exploring transfers from terrestrial to aquatic systems and relationships between species composition and soil organic matter dynamics during times of ecosystem change.

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe


Asmeret is a soil biogeochemist. Her work focuses on stabilization mechanisms and fate of soil organic matter in systems undergoing change (ex. erosion, fire, and climate change). Her expertise and perspective expands our understanding of soil processes in systems experiencing natural and/or anthropogenic perturbation in order to understand fundamental principles governed by geomorphology, and contemporary modifications introduced by changes in landuse and climate.

Aaron Thompson


Aaron brings expertise on soil chemistry and physicochemical dynamics

Craig Rasmussen


Craig thinks beyond the clay paradigm of soil C stabilization

Alain Plante


Alain always brings his unique perspective to the team, pulling from his deep expertise in organo-mineral interactions and novel thermal analytical approach to understanding the potential role of energetics in soil organic matter stability.

Jennifer Druhan


Jenny contributes expertise on reaction transport modeling

Will Wieder


Will contributes perspectives on global scale soil biogeochemistry and land surface modeling

Carlos Sierra


Carlos talks non-sense about theories and models, and maintains this website

Rota Wagai


Rota contributes expertise on soil minerology and fractionation methods

Caitlin E. Hicks Pries


Caitlin explores the vulnerability of soil carbon to climate change using field and lab experiments.

Alison Hoyt


Alison uses isotopic techniques to explore carbon cycling in soils and ecosystems

Ariel Léger


Ariel thinks about the central role that soil organic matter plays in healthy soils and the global carbon cycle. His current research is focused on understanding mechanisms of soil organic matter (de)stabilization in the arid and semi-arid Southwest and the potential for leveraging this knowledge to increase the amount of stable carbon in dryland soils.

Nancy Cavallaro


Nancy is joining the research community to reconnect and share her knowledge of soil chemistry and enthusiasm for soil carbon to help solve global environmental problems.

Jeffrey Beem-Miller


When not hacking away at ISRaD, Jeff ponders the pathways of decadally cycling soil carbon.